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We offer you the choice of peace of mind, quality assurance and flexibility at a cost, which is tailored to suit the needs of your practice.


The Medical Industry is dynamic, fast paced and continually pressured. You can help fast track your service requirements with Medical Equipment Supplies

Whatever your needs or size of scope, your particular requirements will receive attention and a high quality service from the professional team at Medical Equipment Supplies


Service Contracts:

M.E.S. Ltd. provides emergency repair, maintenance, installation and commissioning services as well as HTM 01-05, HTM2010 & HTM2030 testing, validation, mandatory pressure vessels certification, and training. M.E.S. Ltd. has designed a range of service contracts to suit the needs of all users, without any hidden extras. Our engineers are fully trained by the manufacturers, Eastwood Park and on-the-job to ensure the optimum performance of your equipment and both quality and reliability are guarantee


An annual M.E.S. maintenance agreement will ensure that:

  Breakdowns and disruption are reduced to a minimum

  Patient appointments do not have to be cancelled

  Sterilisation control conditions are achieved

  Patients and staff are not put at risk

  Legal requirements for pressure vessel testing* are met


Autoclave Maintenance Contracts

Five Star Contracts (selected non-vacuum autoclaves only)

  Automatic service three times a year.

  No extra charge for spare parts.

  No extra charge for emergency breakdown visits

  Free loan autoclave if on-site repair is not possible.

  Statutory documentation in compliance with the 2000 Pressure Systems Regulations*.

  Training of staff on first visit*.

  Fast response (invariably within 24 hours)


Four Star Contracts (selected non-vacuum autoclaves only)

This reduced cost contract option offers most of the benefits of the Five Star, with the exception of:

  Two service visits per year

  Two free emergency breakdown visits (further breakdowns and parts chargeable)


Three Star Contracts (non-vacuum & vacuum autoclaves)

An even more cost reduced contract option offering most of the benefits of the Four Star with the exception of:

 The cost of service and spare parts is not included.


Three Star Plus Contracts (non-vacuum autoclaves only)

  As above but includes 4 service visits per year.


On-site service available for Melag, Midmark, Newmed, Sirona, Eschmann (LS3, SES2000, SES2010), Prestige and Statim Autoclaves and Washer Disinfectors.






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