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GT Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaners

GT Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Available in 3 / 6 / 9 & 13 Litre model sizes

Normal and soft power control

Degas function

Adjustable time setting

Adjustable temperature control

User-friendly, clear panel controls

Memory function

LED display

High performance transducer

3 Litre model: Ultrasonic power: 100W

Unit Size: (L) 270mm x (W) 170mm x (H) 240mm

Internal size: (L) 240mm x (W) 140mm x (H)100mm

Volume: 3 Litres

6 Litre model: Ultrasonic power: 150W

Unit Size: (L) 330mm x (W) 180mm x (H) 310mm

Internal size: (L) 300mm x (W) 140mm x (H) 150mm

Volume: 6 Litres

9 Litre model: Ultrasonic power: 200W

Unit Size: (L)330mm x (W)270mm x (H)310mm

Internal size: (L)300mm x (W)240mm x (H)150mm

Volume 9 Litres

13 Litre model: Ultrasonic power: 300W

Unit Size: (L)360mm x (W)330mm x (H)310mm

Internal size: (L)330mm x (W)300mm x (H)150mm

Volume: 13 Litres

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