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Medical Equipment Supplies Ltd


Telephone: 01255 422283


MDS 12 Litre Dentalclave


MDS 12 Litre Dentalclave

Our new trays have been specifically designed to allow dentists to sterilise larger sets of instruments easily.

Size: 280mm(L) x 180mm(W) - This is the equivalent of our MDS 18 Litre chamber trays.

For dental hand-pieces and small dental instruments. Full cycle in approximately 12 minutes.

Class B Autoclave


Adjustable sterilising time

Quick cycle

Maintains temperature for next cycle

B&D Test and Helix Test

Easy to maintain


LCD display

Sterilising temperature 121°C/134°C

Wrapped or unwrapped

Designed for the rapid sterilisation of dental hand pieces.

Size: (L)580mm x (W)430mm x (H)355mm

Tray Size: 160mm(W) x 285mm(L)

330mm deep x 200mm ø

Class: Class B Autoclave

Weight: 37kg

Volume: 12 Litres

Power: 1.7Kw 220V / 50Hz

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