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Melag Vakulcave 318 Prime


Melag Vakulcave 318 Prime

Whether loading, sterilization or documentation - the new Prime Line autoclaves offer a price-performance ratio that stands up any comparison.

Vacuclave 318 combines the Pro Line product highlights with further innovations for more performance, for outstanding drying results and for complete traceability.

Class B sterilization in the Heavy Duty program of even larger loading quantities: Powerful sterilization of up to 7 kg on 5 trays in only 15 to 27 minutes (plus drying)
DRYtelligence drying: Algorithm-controlled process for optimum drying results while reducing drying time by up to 80%
Smart-Touch Display with LED status: Touchscreen with intuitive menu structure for easy operation just like your smartphone
ProControl Approval: Batch approval, user authentication and printing of barcode labels directly on the display without extra software
Connectivity and data logging: Compliance with legal requirements by saving sterilization parameters via USB stick or network
Stand-alone concept: Integrated water tanks and highly effective air cooling for site- independent operation without cooling water
Power Save energy-saving mode: Heating and display go into standby mode between sterilizations for top energy efficiency
EasyCare routine concept: User-friendly optimizations for efficient filter replacement, tank cleaning and water supply

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