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Steripure 300 PNX RO Unit

RO Units

Steripure 300 PNX RO Unit

Steripure SRO-300PNX Reverse Osmosis (RO) systemis a
compact freestanding module capable of producing up to
700 litres of de-ionised water a day (dependent on
ROis an extremely efficient method of converting tap water
into demineralised water, a combination of post filtration
cartridges can further produce High Priority or Ultrapure
water for laboratory and other uses.
Steripure specialises in small Reverse Osmosis systems, the
SRO-300PNX module is a completely integrated systemwhich is
simple to set-up, very easy to use and does not require
expensive pre-treatment essential for larger ROplant. The
SRO 300 module includes:-
Built in 24vDC pressure pump
On-line conductivity monitor with alarm
Automatic high and low pressure cut outs
Automatic membrane flush on start and stop
Pressure gauge
Built in pre-filtration with choice of add-ons
Built in post filtration with choice of add-ons
Manual membrane flush

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